Mindtabs® is time management for people who loathe time management systems. We give you a choice of easy-to-use apps for mobile, tablet and desktop. Use one or all and (optionally) sync them and back up your info with an inexpensive cloud-based subscription service.

Mindtabs helps you to capture, plan and do. When life gets disrupted, Mindtabs helps you get back on track. It’s flexible but doesn’t forget.

Mindtabs addresses the shortcomings found in many list and time management/calendar applications. While some are really good at making lists and others are really good at scheduling, none we've tried have ever combined these features. In our experience:

We address disruption, opportunity and the need to reschedule. Many task managers either ignore overdue items or overwhelm you with nagging reminders. While time management is a learning process, it doesn't have to be painful.

Our product designer pays careful attention to the UI and to the user experience. Every detail of the UI and user interaction is aimed at making you feel happy about using these apps. Our design process is anticipatory, reflecting real world considerations regarding connectivity and cloud services.

In combination with the way our applications will work, our cloud services will provide seamless integration between devices and require very little of the user. You will have the ability to set privacy settings, depend on reliable security and choose whether to allow connections over metered services.